Website Mission

Relearn a Language is an online project with two goals.

First, it aims to popularize understandings of heritage languages and the process of relearning a language through interesting content and amazing research.

Second, it works to make language learning fun by compiling language learning resources in well-organized, well-designed, and sharable content.


About The Author

Selfie of the author

Hey! I’m Marissa Blaszko: the polyglot and heritage language researcher behind this project.

I grew up speaking Polish and English at home in the US, but with the dominance of English in daily life actually forgot my native language around the time that I was a teenager.

But I loved languages and was determined to regain my bilingualism and then some.

So I studied Spanish in high school…. but failed out.

Then I studied Polish in university… but dropped out after one semester.

But after living most of my adult life thinking learning a language was impossible for me, imagine my surprise when (after a few life changes) I found myself living in Mexico and speaking fluent Spanish as an adult.

So what happened?

Well, I have two great resources explaining just that.

  1. On my YouTube channel, Relearn a Language, I create content about language learning theory, heritage languages, and linguistics (plus document my own journey to relearn my native language).
  2. On this site, I create resources for language learners so they can enjoy the language learning process itself while still making progress towards their goals.

I do it all by combining real linguistics research from top scholars with the best (and most fun) practices used by successful polyglots.

That’s because I believe language learning should be science-based but never lose sight of the joy and excitement it can bring into your life.


Want to work with me?

Are you an academic or researcher? I’d love to help you popularize some of your original work on the platforms I’ve built. I have a larger reach than most academic journals and I would love to see linguistics popularized.

Are you a teacher or content creator of a certain language? I’d love to help you make some original content that serves your students or collaborate in some way.

Do you want to bring me onto your podcast or YouTube channel? I’d love to stop by and talk about heritage languages or how relearning a language differs from regular language learning. I have all the equipment I’d need for a quality collab and will come prepared with tons of super interesting research and anecdotes. (Plus: I promote all of my guest appearances on my Instagram, so we can make sure the episode does well.

I’m currently not accepting guest posts or paid promotions on this website, but am open to social media collaborations on Instagram.

Email me at relearn a language at gmail and let’s talk!